Concept of 'Aryan race': A Myth

There is a popular belief amongst the people and even scholar personalities that Arya is a race came from the Europe many years ago and today maximum population of northern India belongs to Aryans, this is all rubbish, if you have ever read the Sanskrit literature, you must have countered this word many a time. Lets look at the meaning of this word- Arya is a Sanskrit word and it is used as an adjective to address the respected, literate, civilized and scholastic person. THE WORD ''ARYAN" HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE, they are not related in any way, this was the Max Muller who without complete and in depth knowledge of Sanskrit applied Arya as a name of a family of languages and the people who spoke them. The Aryan race concept quickly took a life of its own and become the basis of twentieth century Nazism, the meaning of this word  transformed with time and finally took its present misinterpreted form.

Aryan race concept was used by the European scholars to create a interlink between the more advanced and well educated Indian civilization and the European countries. As they knew that Indians were more cultured then them, hence they used this concept to extract the glorious past of Indian and made it their own. How they used to fantasies the Indian civilization could be understand from the statement of William Jones which he wrote on discovery of Sanskrit :

The Sanskrit of wonderful structure; more perfect then Greek, more copious then the Latin, and exquisitely refined them either, yet bearing to both of them a stronger affinity.........than could possibly have been produced by accidents.

Once the Indian Texts had been mined for their treasures, and these had been processed through translation, mistranslation, plagiarism, rejections, and extrapolations, and Indian knowledge had been securely relocated as 'western', the Indian source lost its earlier glamour. Now the motifs, including poetic and philosophic elements which had been adopts from India, came to be used as clip art in the same way as they are used in computer to decorate other things. India entered the museums of Europe as the romantic but primitive past (source: Breaking India).

Hence, we can say Arya was nowhere near to the race, it was the mistranslation work of Max Muller which made it a race and a tool which they used to extract their false identity by extracting the past of Indians. It was done all because of the identity crisis Europeans were facing at that time. Different circumstances at different period of time and the misinterpretation by different so called scholars give rise to this concept which they taught to us when they were ruling, and from then onwards this myth thoroughly got inside the minds of all of us and we without going in to the depth and without taking the pain of researching our past, easily believed that we are the people who have migrated from the Europe. Once when a person asked Swami Vivekananda that we have read it in books, Swamiji said "the books are written by Britishers and they are here to rule us and to exploit our motherland not to teach us the lesson of truth".

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