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Types of Forest cover in India

India is the country of diversity, and the most diverse is its landscape or we can say physical features, and this physical diversity induced varieties in nearly every aspects of the Indian subcontinent be it the population of India, its languages, vegetation and soil, diversity is every where. The natural vegetation of India, being diverse due to varied biotic conditions as well as unequal rainfall. The indian forest are very unevenly distributed. They are more scare in the Gangetics area. The per capita Forest in India is only 0.2 hectares. The forest cover in India is estimated to be 77,57,010 sq. hectare. This constitutes the 23.03 percent of the country's geographical area which is less than the  necessary 33 per cent. Statewise as on 2003 Madhya pradesh had the highest coverage of the forests(77,265 sq. km); while Haryana has the least 2.18% of the forest area. Types of Indian Forest can be classified in the following categories:- Moist Tropical forest