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Symbolism related to India's National flag beautifully explained in words of Pt. Nehru

In these times when the debate about paying respect to the symbols of nation is getting dense day by day, whether it is related to standing up for national anthem or paying respect to the symbols of this nation, it is very important for us to realize, in what circumstances these symbols were created and why they were created after all. Today we are free nation but we should never forget that the freedom we are enjoying today did not come easy to us. People laid down there life to uphold very symbols we are debating about, and still they are. People scarified their lives in numbers, so that we could have the freedom and now we are using that freedom only to demolish symbols they created, how pitiful it is. This question came to my mind, why should we respect a piece of cloth, what is it all about. So I looked into the constitution and debates of constitutional assembly so as to know why is it necessary and I stumbled upon the speech of Pt. Nehru, where he moved the resolution for the