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Fun Tantra: A political comedy show

In India, politics and comedy has not mingled to the extent it is seen in the western hemisphere. I am a avid you tube watcher and always missed the clean political comedy on Indian politics, there was a show called Jai-hind but it did not get much traction mainly because of its r-rated content. Few stand up comedian do the political comedy but it is in bits and pieces and  sometime it is not that good also. Recently RJ Raunak aka bauaa has started a show called Fun Tantra which is very concise and clean comedy on Indian political issues. It has filled the gap for me, which I was feeling for sometime in youtubosphere. However it seems little bit tilted towards the Narendra Modi Government, the issues he picks are mostly the goof ups of opposition parties, but it is too early to comment on that because it has only three or four episodes out. His episodes usually ends with his poems, which he also used to do on his radio show performing as poet Sukumar Vishwas. Let's see h

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