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On International Yoga Day India has so much to offer to the world

Anything new is exploited by all kinds of charlatans because not much is known about it, and you can fool people anyway with whatever little is known. Yoga is going through same phase, however it is not new, but its recent introduction in the western world has opened up plethora of opportunities. All kinds of things are going on in the name of Yoga. Patanjali, the father of modern yoga will kill himself if he would come to know about hot yoga, beer yoga, Goat yoga, Nude yoga and every other kind of make up Yoga going on in the world. Back in 2014 when Modi mooted the idea of International Yoga Day, a total of 177 countries supported the resolution, highest for any UNGA resolution. It was like whole world was waiting for  someone to take a step in this direction, and who better than India could have lead the global community in the path of physical, mental and spiritual well being through the very effective tool of Yoga. People in the world don't know much about Yoga,

What has happened to Arvind Kejriwal?

I have been an admirer of Kejriwal since the days he was fighting for corruption with Anna, but these days I think you can't trust anybody. I had heard that power corrupts, but I see it in Arvind Kejriwal. That man, the way he had started and the way he is right now says it all. It is not that he is the exception, everyone behaves nearly the same, It is not very amusing that power is corrupting, but Arvind Kejriwal had came on high hopes, he was leading the voice against corruption, people had bestowed their hopes on him. He had entered the politics for cleaning it up but the mess has messed him up profusely. The height of his clean politics can be seen from the fact that he is now desperately trying to team up with the very people he fought against on the issue of corruption to fulfill his some personal agenda, well that is the height of hypocrisy. This really shows that Arvind was never in politics to clean it or for some kind of social welfare but it was out of his sheer i

General Election 2019: Why Modi?

Modi has yet again repeated his performance of 2014 election and not just repeated but strengthened it emphatically with more than a clear mandate from the people of India. It seems that people were more than willing to give another chance to the vision of Modi, although if you judge his performance on some hard facts, the picture does not seems that well, the havoc that demonetization brought everybody is well aware of it now after numbers are out and everybody has written extensively about it, the economy is not what everybody had expected, in fact China has surpassed us as the fastest growing economy. Unemployment is highest in four decades. So if you are just a number cruncher you would not have thought of the huge victory that Modi has achieved. India is a very different country in nearly every aspect and Modi's win indicate to one of that aspect of Indian Polity. It is not the kind of polity which we generally read in theories. Emotion is one of the driving factor