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Political cost of Delhi air pollution: Opinion

Come winter, the mainstream media is packed with the news of pathetic air quality and the disastrous impact of thick air pollution covering all of the capital city of India. The drastic drop in air quality, in the aftermath of stubble burning in adjacent areas of Delhi and the Diwali celebration, comes with the hue and cry in various sections of social strata, demanding immediate action from the governments, and yet for many economically weaker sections, it is overshadowed by their daily fight for survival. This immediacy of action often takes a political hue instead of countering the issue head-on with appropriate policy changes. And this is the story that gets repeated every year, with nothing substantial done about the issue other than the seasonal steps, mostly on paper, achieving very little in terms of countering air pollution on the ground.  How grave is the issue! well, this article is not about the graveness of the issue but to just paint a rough picture   in 2020 Delhi pollut