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Don't know how to file RTI, here are some tips

If you are not comfortable with filling a RTI ( Right to Information ), this article is absolutely for you. RTI is one of the most important right given to the citizens of India. This right brings lot of transparency in system and fear amongst the government officials of being caught on doing corruption. So it is one of  very efficient way of checking corruption. But most of the people don't know hot file a effective RTI. So here I am providing  a informative on how can you file a RTI, and what are the things you should keep in mind while writing RTI application. How to file a RTI application Filling a RTI is not the difficult task, you jut have to follow some simple rule. The RTI Act prescribes a very simple procedure for obtaining information. It requires a RTI application, The application may be typed or neatly hand-written. The application may preferably be in writing though an e-mail is accepted as a mode as per law. In case an applicant has difficulty