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In this day and age of superfast communication and social media where the whole world interacts as one unit beyond borders, the line between fact and fiction has blurred beyond recognition. The immediacy of information among people has resulted in the 'viral culture', where things get viral and people form their opinion based on a 280-word literature or a 10-second video.  This results in unnecessary conflict and a short-sighted view of the issues at hand.

This Blog is an effort to bring out an Indian perspective on the issues in India and around and provide facts and a bird's eye view with historical context as well. Rather than sticking to only what is happening right now and looking at issues through a narrow window, we will try to go in the open and see everything as far as possible. The aim is to provide you the information so that you could form your own opinion and not borrow the ideas from someone who formed his by reading tweets. 

However, we will also publish opinion pieces along with reviews, travelogues, interviews, and other interesting stories which will be labeled as such and the readers will be informed appropriately about it. 

If you find any discrepancies and want to suggest anything, please comment below. We will appreciate your feedback and act on it.

You can contact us at sofwindia@gmail.com

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