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How thousands mile away ocean current affects Indian economy

It is really astonishing to know that a small ocean current so much far from the Indian subcontinent can have such huge impact on the life of the people of India and its economy. Monsoon in India is one of the most influencing factor, it completely gu ides the life of farmer and almost every human in this country, and what guides the monsoon is a small warm current on the coast of Per. El-nino (Spanish name for the male child) is a  warm current appearing annually around Christmas time along the coast of Ecuador and Peru and lasting only a few weeks to a month or more. This current was first recognized by the fisherman, in most years trade winds flowing from southeast, push the warm water away from the cast. In its place the cold water comes up on the surface due to up welling. This brings food for the fishes and hence there good catch of fishes, this was the reason why Peru was the number one fishing nation in the world till 1970s, and this same helps in the strengthen of the mon