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Movie review: Aamis(Meat), as simple as that, the movie is not. (no- spoilers)

This latest Assamese movie by Bhaskar Hazarika will surely blow your mind. Set in Guwahati, Aamis takes off like a sweet happy ride, only until you suddenly realize that it is not what you were expecting. The movie revolves around a PhD scholar Sumon and a married woman Nirmali (doctor by profession) who begin to bond over interesting and exotic food recipes. Sumon is conducting his research on food eating habits of north-eastern India and is immediately attracted to Nirmali. Nirmali, while being committed to marriage is also drawn towards Sumon as she is alone most days of the month, her husband being on the field (he works for an NGO and thinks highly of himself for the same) for the most part. Things start to get uncomfortable when both of them realize that they are getting close and it does not seem morally right. The sexual tension grows stronger and they both seem helpless. Sumon keeps fantasizing about her (this also gives us one of the most classic scenes of the movie) and one