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Kejriwal accuses HSBC for running hawala transcation

On friday, Arvind Kejriwal in one of his another expose, alleged that HSBC is running hawala racket inside the country: politicians and corporates are using hawala for stashing away their money in HSBC accounts outside the country. IAC in its daring expose disclosed the names of 10 persons out of the list of 700, which was shared by the french government in a CD with the Indian government, last year, including the Ambanis, Congress MP Anu Tondon, jet Airways Chief Naresh Goyal and the Burman brothers of Dabur Group. Charging the Monmohan Singh government IAC said: " It is biggest threat to the economic sovereignty of the country". In its most serious allegation yet IAC charged HSBC bank in India with involvement in hawala transaction, as revealed by the statements of three account holders who were raided last year. " You dont even have to go to Dubai or Geneva (Switzerland) to open a Swiss account to deposit your unaccounted money. HSBC Bank is openly and brazenl