What Kishtwar violence in Jammu and Kashmir indicates

Curfew has been employed in the Kishtwar and government has kept up its firm blackout on all news emanting from Kishtwar town. State home minster Sajjad Kichloo has resigned taking the responsibility of riots. Peoples are continuously defying curfew and clashes are taking place. Both communities- Hindu and Muslims are involved, Muslims are eanraged because their id prayers and procession were allegedly disrupted by a couple of Hindu youth, and Hindus are angry because most of shops burnt are theirs. People says that more than hundred shops have been burnt, however, according to police, 48 shops were burnt, three of which belongs to Muslims.

Any violent actvity in the valley increases the concern of national integrity and much when it happens immediately after the intrusion of Pakistani army in our territory. Centre might be denying the involvement of external agents in initiating the riots but, killing of five jawans at chakna da bagh and continuous violention of cease fire from Pakistani army shows that the role of external agents in Keshtwar violence could not be neglected. Jihadi forces which were indulged in fighting western forces in Afghanistan are now free, it might be the possibility that these jihadis forces are now active in this region. Reports shows that sectarian politics fuelled riots, but I assume, it might be fuelling, but not the only cause of riots.

Communal clashes are easy to initiate when there are differences in the society like in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and especially in Jammu and Kashmir because of the history associated with it. Differences in societies should be handled with care and equity. They should not be used in the vote bank politics, because when the communal difference are exploited in the politics to increase the share of vote, clashes are bound to happen. With the approaching Lok Sabha elections, these clashes might be result of politics of polarization played by political parties.

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