10 Haunted Places in India: Discover the Eerie Legends and Ghostly Tales

Discover the spine-chilling allure of India's most haunted locations. From ancient forts steeped in eerie legends to abandoned palaces echoing with ghostly whispers, this article unveils 10 of the country's most haunted places, where tales of the supernatural intertwine with the rich tapestry of history and culture. Here are 10 haunted places in India:

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Considered one of the most haunted places in India, Bhangarh Fort is known for its eerie atmosphere and ghostly legends. It is believed to be cursed, and entry into the fort is prohibited after sunset.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Located near Surat, Dumas Beach is known for its haunted reputation. Local folklore suggests that it was once a burial ground, and visitors have reported strange sounds and paranormal activities.

Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Kuldhara Village is an abandoned village near Jaisalmer. It is said that the villagers cursed the village before leaving, leading to its haunted status. The empty houses and eerie atmosphere make it a popular spot for ghost enthusiasts.

Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

The Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie is known for its haunted history. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Garnet Orme, who was found dead in mysterious circumstances in one of its rooms in 1911.

Fernhill Hotel, Ooty

The Fernhill Hotel in Ooty is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a British officer, Colonel John Sullivan. Guests have reported seeing his ghost roaming around the hotel premises.

D'Souza Chawl, Mahim, Mumbai

D'Souza Chawl in Mahim, Mumbai, is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who fell into a well and died. Locals have reported sightings of her ghost, often in white attire.

Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal

Dow Hill in Kurseong is known for its haunted forest and eerie atmosphere. Visitors have reported hearing footsteps and whispers and have witnessed paranormal activities in the area.

Agrasen Ki Baoli, New Delhi

Agrasen Ki Baoli is an ancient stepwell located in the heart of New Delhi. It is believed to be haunted, with many stories of eerie experiences and sightings of paranormal entities.

Tunnel No. 33, Shimla

Tunnel No. 33 in Shimla is said to be haunted by the ghost of Colonel Barog, the engineer who committed suicide during its construction. Visitors have reported hearing strange noises and feeling a chilling presence inside the tunnel.  

Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune is known for its paranormal activities. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young prince who was brutally murdered within its walls.

Remember, these haunted places have various legends and stories associated with them, but it's up to individuals to believe or experience any paranormal activities firsthand.

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