Opinion: Why Chabahar port deal is important for India

Recently India, Iran and Afghanistan signed a historic trilateral contract for the establishment of a transport and transit corridor among the three countries. According to the deal India will invest $500 million to develop the strategically important Chabahar port in Iran which is near to Pakistan border. The central point of the deal is the construction of the Chabahar port by India in two phases. Two firms –India’s India Ports Global Private Limited (IPGPL) and Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) have signed the agreement for the construction of the port. Why this deal so important for India, let us see:-

  • India depends on Pakistan for its land connectivity to the central Asia, and right now it does not allow India to pass through their territory. So Chabahar deal offers a bypass in transporting goods to Afghanistan using a sea-land route. 
  • This port will help India gain access to the Middle-East and Central Asia and make her presence felt there. Also India need not to depend on China sponsored Road and belt project to connect with Central Asia.
  • Most importantly this deal will help India to strengthen its foothold in Arabian sea against the China, as China is also developing Gawadar port in Pakistan which is 200 kms from Chabahar port.

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