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Incredible India

Bharat, often called India and Officially Republic of India, is a country of great geographical and cultural extent. Geographically it extend from snowy ranges of Himalaya in the north to the shores of Indian Ocean in the south, covering an area of 32,87,263 sqkm (7th largest in world) and comprising in it nearly every land forms whether it is Gangatic Plain, peninsular plateaus, Thar desert, the great Himalayan Mountains , island or coastal areas. Along with diversities in its features, it has an equally diverse climate, as in the words of  Banford "we may speak of climates but not climate of India ", India possess all types of climate found in the world. Indian landmass gets abundance of sunshine from the tropical sun and splashing rains from the monsoon . These two are most important climatic factors governing Indian climate and in some way its economy.