Miracle of Love: A Bridge Between Known and Unknown

Language is of the mind, at least the languages which we use. The capability of forming words and conveying their meanings by agreeing upon those meanings is bestowed upon human beings through a timeline of millions of years of evolution. This evolution has delivered us to a place where we can articulate complex ideas and thoughts, but as much as liberating it may seem to have this capacity for communication, it in some way cripples us to grasp something which is beyond words and even beyond meaning. Well! the fundamental question is, can sound convey silence, can words convey love, beauty, and all other attributes of the creation which are beyond any kind of expression.

The book, Miracle of Love by a great devotee Ram Dass, exactly achieves that. This may seem impossible because to be honest who will believe the proposition of the ocean being contained in a chalice, boundless being contained in borders. But the book is a testament that devotion is beyond the comprehension of the human mind and what it can achieve. The devotion of Ram Dass towards a crazy mystic Neem Karoli Baba inspired him to compile the miracles which were a common happening around the Baba (or 'Maharaji' as he was known among his Western disciples).

The book is a compilation of many such stories which will suspend your mind into a blob of nothingness if you approach it with the right kind of perspective and mind. The book takes you on a journey of a man who seems not of the space and time. His antecedents are not known nor is his future action, his actions seem to be inspired by Brownian motion because nothing of it makes sense and that may be the key to how it takes you beyond your senses and mind. These are stories and you have to read them like that, don't believe it neither do disbelieve just read them with an open heart and something will enter it which will fill you with the joy of nothing, or maybe it is love.

How to Read The Book

This book is not for you if you are a person with lots of judgment, opinions, and prejudices. Just read the book with an empty mind or if you can't remain empty, fill it with devotion or gratitude for anything. Reading the book in such a way will take you beyond the words and stories. These words and stories are nothing but a bridge between you and the universal love. The book is just a medium, don't judge it, it is just a tool. Use the tool properly and you will feel something beyond you.


  1. Throughout this post neem karoli baba, it provides me with some excellent information. The material you presented during this write-up was very useful. Keep posting.

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