India tested anti Satellite Missile and joined the exclusive club of Space powers

As announced by Prime Minister Modi, India has joined the exclusive club of countries, who holds the power to target the satellite in Space, by targeting a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite orbiting around 300 km above the Earth surface. The test is performed as a part of Mission Shakti.

India had been developing its ASAT missiles for sometime i.e. Anti Satellite missile to provide protection for its space assets, culmination of which has been reached today by successful completion of Mission Shakti. Only three countries- USA, China and Russia- in the world hold this power other than India.

As pronounced by PM the aim of the mission is not to catalyses the weaponisation of Space, but to strengthen national security of India.

However the questions are bound to be raised by the opposition on the timing of the mission and  the manner in which it was announced, as general election are coming up and the move can reap BJP electoral benefits.

You can watch the simulation of the missile here.

The Video belongs to the ANI news agency.

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