General Election 2019: Why Modi?

Modi has yet again repeated his performance of 2014 election and not just repeated but strengthened it emphatically with more than a clear mandate from the people of India. It seems that people were more than willing to give another chance to the vision of Modi, although if you judge his performance on some hard facts, the picture does not seems that well, the havoc that demonetization brought everybody is well aware of it now after numbers are out and everybody has written extensively about it, the economy is not what everybody had expected, in fact China has surpassed us as the fastest growing economy. Unemployment is highest in four decades. So if you are just a number cruncher you would not have thought of the huge victory that Modi has achieved.

India is a very different country in nearly every aspect and Modi's win indicate to one of that aspect of Indian Polity. It is not the kind of polity which we generally read in theories. Emotion is one of the driving factor in the nature of Indian Polity, it may look quite bizarre that what a political entity has to do with emotion. But if you observe closely, you will see that it is the emotional appeal of Modi which makes him leader of masses. He has the capability to arose the emotion of people towards a particular subject, and that is how he connects with his supporters.

People generally don't vote on the action but intention is what they look for, one who is able to communicate that intention will enjoy the support of people. Modi has definitely made some wrong move, but what was the intention behind those move is what concerns the citizens and they vote on those intention rather than the act and people surely believe his intention to be right.

One of the reason people connect with Modi is his humble background. Unlike Rahul Ganhi, Modi represents the common man of India and that people of India relate with, people know that he is one of them, and vice versa Modi is also aware of his roots. People believe in his story and some aspire to be like him, specially India which has always valued sacrifice and penance, which has the culture of valuing sanayas sees him as a sannyasi who has left everything for the sake of working for the country. Some may debate that to be the wrong explanation but what matters is people are buying his story. That  story is what conveys his intentions emphatically, he need not say anything his deeds talk for him, for his intention.

Modi knows India, he knows the people and their psyche. He has been among masses from his early years and his extensive tours across India  helped him know the Indian issues very closely and clearly. Many years of being in public life has honed his oratory and public dealing to a perfect statesman. You could look any of his interview and you would know he likes to be in control all the time, even the infamous interview with Karan Thapar shows he don't like to be in disadvantageous position. His huge reservoir of experience is what makes him fluid in his public dealing and communication. 

Well we have again "Master Blaster" of politics for five more years, it will be interesting to see what new things will happen and what new vision he brings to the people, though his speeches since his victory clearly indicate his main vision to eliminate poverty which everybody should appreciate and work in unison to achieve it. Leader is only the visionary his work is to show the path, ultimately we will have to walk on it. Let us see where we go in next five years.

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