Changing World Order: The Wall

Photo by Matti Karstedt

After the two bloodiest world wars, seeing their consequences on the world in terms of the havoc these wars created on the human psyche, we as a human society came together to establish a united front, in the form of UNO, based on the minimum commonality between different nationals, so that we can employ language rather than weapons to solve our conflicts.

However, in recent decades, a phenomenon is very apparent all over the globe, people are trying to solidify their identity, and the idea of closing the borders is receiving much appreciation among the people. Walls of divisions are getting thicker and thicker day by day. 

You can not understand today without taking the past into consideration. whatever is happening today is the consequence of what has happened. People are often very myopic when they try to work out today's problems. One should have an unprejudiced eye if one really wants to understand the situation in which the changes are happening.

Trump's proposal to build "The Wall" and people's acceptance of it may very well be the famous absurd representation of what is happening all over the world. These divisions we have cultivated in the minds of people will, sure enough, come out as wars on different fronts. The Russia-Ukraine war that is raging on and engulfing as many lives is an outcome of mistrust, doubt, and petty greed.

Trade wars sprouting between various countries indicate that people are not yet ready to be globalized. Because of the age of communication and the market-dominant era in which we live, few individuals pretty much decide the discourse, but the world has shown that you can not talk about the ideas for which societies are not ready. Globalization is a fantastic idea but there is a distance between ideas and reality, we have to walk that distance, and one can not just jump it.

In this era of globalization when we were expecting boundaries to be more malleable, Brexit slaps us down to the reality that we were ignoring for so long. Whatever little acceptance we were seeing in the Pre-Wall world was just the result of a ridiculous level of political correctness and made-up morals. Too much of it without being in any way related to reality is the reason for the shift in the pendulum. It was always there but hidden in the shadow of illusory and utopian ideas of few.

We are held together not by sense and consciousness, but by fear. The horrors of world wars are still fresh in our memory and the fear of nuclear weapons is preventing us from exploding among ourselves, otherwise, we are sitting on a mind, the human mind, which has fragmented to the point of insanity.

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