Freedom from the known: The true and only self-help book

This is the age of self-help, with widespread education and some sense, we are finally coming to an age where we know that nobody but only we can help ourselves. People are beginning to reject priests, pundits, philosophers, and every other authority who tries to act all-knowing and give us sermons of the truth. Gone are the days when people used to listen to the pope or any other religious heads. These are all fast becoming the vestiges of troubled religious civilization and hence serve no purpose other than ceremonial symbols.

People are no closer to the truth than before but even their belief about it has gone which was previously held together by religion, hence the woman of the 21st century is more troubled and looking for some dimension that can take her beyond the reality of known. This desire for something beyond physical is taking shape of a kind of spiritual movement, which obviously is in the very initial stage. 

With this situation around comes the movement of self-help, one's established belief system began to crumble, and the so-called help offered by the 'elevated humans' holds no meaning, the natural progression of the events make human look inward and hence the "self-help".

This movement of self-help has opened a business opportunity for people, resulting in a flood of self-help books in the market, every other person who has read two books is writing a self-help book. But if one is really serious about this issue and really wants to go deep into it, the book Freedom from the known by J. Krishnamurti is The Book for you. 

I can't reveal what is in the book in terms of its content because that will fuse its very purpose. However, I will tell you how you should approach and read such a book. This book takes you on a journey, a journey that very few in the history of humanity have taken; a journey into oneself; a journey that will introduce you to yourself; a journey where nobody is with you but you, and so while on this journey do not abandon it in between. Go till the end and see what happens. The best way to read this book is in one go. Please do it if you are really-really serious about this issue of self-help. Only the serious ones will dare to go on this journey and other non-serious and casual readers will just read the book.

Originally published: 1969
Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
Editor: Mary Lutyens
Pages: 144

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