What has happened to Arvind Kejriwal?

I have been an admirer of Kejriwal since the days he was fighting for corruption with Anna, but these days I think you can't trust anybody. I had heard that power corrupts, but I see it in Arvind Kejriwal. That man, the way he had started and the way he is right now says it all. It is not that he is the exception, everyone behaves nearly the same, It is not very amusing that power is corrupting, but Arvind Kejriwal had came on high hopes, he was leading the voice against corruption, people had bestowed their hopes on him. He had entered the politics for cleaning it up but the mess has messed him up profusely. The height of his clean politics can be seen from the fact that he is now desperately trying to team up with the very people he fought against on the issue of corruption to fulfill his some personal agenda, well that is the height of hypocrisy. This really shows that Arvind was never in politics to clean it or for some kind of social welfare but it was out of his sheer individualistic ambition, his desire to be against something or the other.

It was very disturbing to see him stand their with all that which he was determined to change when he shared the stage with likes of Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mayawati, Mulayam and even Congress. In this Lok Sabha Election he was almost begging to congress to fight the election together against BJP, where have you thrown your moral, ethics and everything. I don't know if he ever take time to look behind, to look at his recent past, because if he had done that he should have known that how far he has gone. God knows may be he has short term memory loss, because otherwise how could you turn around so blatantly, an intelligent man will never do that.

Basically what you can deduce from his action is his nature to fight establishment, he was well and good being a protester or social worker. When congress was in power he was revolting against them, now Modi is in power he is teaming up with congress to fight against Modi. It seems like his political adventure is just a medium to fulfill his hobby of being an anti establishment, there is nothing wrong in it but that shows where your focus is. It proves your intention, whatever it is, either you are working for the welfare of the society or just indulging in the petty fight for your personal satisfaction.

Even if you look at the personal level, the team with which he started only one or two of them remained around him, that says a lot about the man himself. If even your friends are leaving you there is something fundamentally wrong in your approach. A man who entered the politics with a promising future and people's hope with him destroyed it all for his petty personal gains.

Well it reminds me of the Harvey dent: You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. I hope may the sense prevail in him. 

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