On International Yoga Day India has so much to offer to the world

Anything new is exploited by all kinds of charlatans because not much is known about it, and you can fool people anyway with whatever little is known. Yoga is going through same phase, however it is not new, but its recent introduction in the western world has opened up plethora of opportunities. All kinds of things are going on in the name of Yoga. Patanjali, the father of modern yoga will kill himself if he would come to know about hot yoga, beer yoga, Goat yoga, Nude yoga and every other kind of make up Yoga going on in the world.

Back in 2014 when Modi mooted the idea of International Yoga Day, a total of 177 countries supported the resolution, highest for any UNGA resolution. It was like whole world was waiting for  someone to take a step in this direction, and who better than India could have lead the global community in the path of physical, mental and spiritual well being through the very effective tool of Yoga.

People in the world don't know much about Yoga, so they are doing it in bits and pieces, anybody could be Yoga teacher by reading a book.  It is the responsibility of India, when there is dire need for the inner well being in the world, we should see how could we provide this method to the people around the globe in the form which is true and correct. 

We should establish Yoga first in our own country, for that to be done a proper standardization of Yoga is need to be done by the government so that it is not practiced haphazardly by anyone. It will ensure some kind of quality control and in the name of yoga insanity will not prevail as is happening in the world.

The process Yoga is, it is inevitable, it is bound to be accepted by world because of its effectiveness, it needs no further marketing. It will flourish if imparted in correct way, so the only concern is how to get away from the corruption introduced in the Yoga. It is India's duty and duty of spiritual leaders of India to see that Yoga remains in the form which will work for well being of global community. We must lead world in the sciences of inner well being.


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