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Indian Railways initiative to install bio-toilets: no more filth on rails

Most common sight in the Indian railway stations is the railway tracks littered with the excreta   and all kind of dirt. It is because of the flush toilets, currently used in most of the train, which dumps the human waste directly on the track without any treatment, which create unhygienic conditions in the stations, which can lead to various kind of diseases, and corrode the tracks.  

What is this NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) and why India wants its membership

There has been lot going on about India's efforts for being the member of NSG. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited various nation and meet leader of NSG countries for their agreement on India's induction in NSG. So what's this NSG and why India is so keen on becoming its member, let us look at the whole scenario from the start.

India is home to World's first airport to operate on solar power

As the time is progressing mankind is   looking to switch from conventional and limited source of energy to the sustainable energy source and we all know that solar energy is the future. When everyone is looking towards Solar power, Cochin International airport took a futuristic step and become the first airport in the world that completely operates on solar power.

India is building the highest bridge in world

The highest bridge in the world is under construction in India over the Chenab river in Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir. This is a road and railway bridge, which on completion will be 1,315 mt long, and 359 m above the river Chenab.  This should have been completed by now but because of various obstruction and its cancellation one time due to fear over its stability and safety, it is still under construction, but once completed it will be world's highest rail bridge. Here is a video talking about the specification of bridge. 

Opinion: Why Chabahar port deal is important for India

Recently India, Iran and Afghanistan signed a historic trilateral contract for the establishment of a transport and transit corridor among the three countries. According to the deal India will invest $500 million to develop the strategically important Chabahar port in Iran which is near to Pakistan border. The central point of the deal is the construction of the Chabahar port by India in two phases. Two firms –India’s India Ports Global Private Limited (IPGPL) and Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) have signed the agreement for the construction of the port. Why this deal so important for India, let us see:- India depends on Pakistan for its land connectivity to the central Asia, and right now it does not allow India to pass through their territory. So Chabahar deal offers a bypass in transporting goods to Afghanistan using a sea-land route.  This port will help India gain access to the Middle-East and Central Asia and make her presence felt there. Al

This is why article 370 was created

Article 370 is one of the most controversial provision provided to Jammu and Kashmir, drafted under part XXI of the Indian Constitution. This Article provide special immunity to J & K and grant special autonomous status to the state. The  Article 370 was created as an instrument to accede state of Jammu and Kashmir to the Indian Union. From where this problem of article 370 arises? Lets dive deep into the history. It was the time when  transfer of power was happening i.e when we were about to be accorded the freedom. On 20th February, 1947, His Majesty’s Government announced that independence would be given to British India, the plan was to create two independent dominions of India and Pakistan based on the Hindu and Muslim majority areas of the various provinces of  British India. Policy framed by Britishers announced that with the withdrawal of paramountcy, the princely States would become ‘independent’. However neither the Cabinet Mission nor British governme